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All Work And No Play…..

Welcome To Our New Office Inside Chermside Shopping Centre

Seriously – if this place was in Timbuktu, there’d have been a case to move 🙂

We are excited to announce our move inside the Chermside Shopping Centre at the modern workspace – Wotso, You can find us (Wotso Workspace) on level 2, on the very Northern end of the centre nearest JB Hifi.

Why the move?

What better way to celebrate our 20th year than a bright, fun and ultramodern workspace.

We loved the move to Chermside many years ago, however with the changes to parking in the area, we knew we had to find an office space that aligned with ease of access or clients, and what could be easier than popping in to see your broker, and getting the shopping list ticked off while you are there? All with free parking and walk right in. Park on level 2 and look for purple parking in the Northern end of the centre.

Whats the bonus?

For us, it is not sitting inside four walls. We have heaps of space, parks and trees to look out on, and the best of technology at our fingertips to better our outcomes for you. Well equipped, spotless meeting rooms, and coffee and tea on tap – we are ready to go within a minute of you parking almost at the door.

Many of our existing clients also choose a virtual meeting option, where we can still provide the benefits of a meeting in the comfort of your own home by leveraging technology. The virtual meeting pods in this place you can only appreciate if you manage these on a weekly basis

Why Chermside Shopping Centre?

The largest retail centre on Brisbane’s Northside, it simply made sense for us to transition here via a shared workspace option. Michael has been waiting for something to appear in Brisbane of a quality and tech setup akin to the best of their type in the world in California. As soon as this place hit the radar, it was easy to see us in it. Seriously – if this place was in Timbuktu, there’d have been a case to move 🙂

The centre has great road and public transport access to greater Brisbane and would be the pick of ease for the geographical base of our clients to get to.

Come See Us?

Whether you’ve got an excuse or not, next time you are nearby, give Michael a call and the coffee is on him 🙂