Service Is Much More Than A Seven Letter Word

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Service Is Much More Than A Seven Letter Word

Creating a true partnership with a client in relation to lending is much more than entering their details in a piece of computer software and asking it for a result.

Experience, hard work, kept promises and a professional, yet relaxed approach is paramount.  I draw on over a decade and a half of practical experience in the finance industry to supplement regular education and research in the presentation of a client solution.  A purely software based approach does not begin to scratch the surface of a best practice lending solution for the client.  We do utilise a software solution as a part of our research, but rather than providing all the answers – it really creates a starting point for our work.

Experience also counts in your favour to correctly structure the lending where possible to minimise setup and ongoing costs.  In addition real world feedback is vital as to what you can expect from your prospective lender in the execution of their service proposition.

In the age of call centres, automated enquiry processes and similar bank initiated service delivery – an experienced broker is often the facilitator to bridge the gap between high service expectations and the real world service delivery of the lenders.

Michael Schipper from Talk Home Loans is a home loan specialist and mortgage broker based in Brisbane. Contact him about how to maximise your results from your home and investment lending.


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