Investor Lending

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Investment Lending

If you are looking for a stable and secure investment, property is a solid option. Far less volatile than other investment strategies, an investment property has the potential to deliver consistent rental returns for years to come. While you may start out with a single property, careful consideration and management of your investments could see you grow this to a full and profitable portfolio with the help of a broker.

You may also choose as many of our clients have to utilise the existing equity in your home to set up to purchase a share or managed fund portfolio, or implement a financial strategy with the assistance of a financial planner.

These are common scenarios we have been assisting clients with for many years. From our side, a critical factor to have right is the structure of your lending and provide the ability to maximise your tax deductions in relation to your investments. Get this wrong, and it cannot be reversed costing (or rather losing) you a fortune. We have the experience to make sure this part is done right the first time, and work actively with our investors as changes are required over the course of the investment as well as expanding and growing their portfolio.

We can also refinance your investment lending should your current facilities not meet your needs or you are looking for further cashflow and savings for your portfolio via better interest rates. We can accurately model the benefits and savings to ensure you look before leaping.

Whatever your requirements, please give us a call to leverage our expertise in this area critical to your financial future and a comfortable retirement.