First Home Buyers

first home buyers looking for the best mortgage broker in brisbane

First Home Buyers

When purchasing your first property, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the experience. The process can be seamless and enjoyable when you tackle it in individual stages. From making the decision to purchase, to finding the right loan, saving for your deposit and finding and securing the perfect home. Step-by-step you can achieve your financial goals.

While the process can be challenging, and at times, seem unachievable, the decision to purchase your first home is one that will set you up for the future. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to navigate the unchartered territory on your own – we will be by your side every step of the way.

We will work with you to:

  • Set some goals around saving requirements (a target deposit) and take you through what the lenders may be looking for here. You may already have the saving required and looking to set a budget or preapproval to position yourself to make an offer once you’ve located the right property.
  • Set a purchase budget. We often produce what we call a purchase table in a range of differing purchase prices to arrive at an approximated repayment. This will assist you visualise your budget and help you set a ‘limit’ for your purchase. This ensures you are not overcommitting to your purchase and comfortable with the ‘affordability’ and ongoing loan repayments.
  • We will take you through differing options within loan types, etc to come up with a good much to your requirements rather than you fitting into an offering of the bank and ensures a great outcome.
  • We also answer as many questions as you may come up with, and connect you with associated professionals such as a solicitor to act in your purchase when the time is appropriate.
  • We will assist you with some strategies to pay down your loan faster and save you on money on your loan.
  • We will set up the necessarys approval as soon as you are ready to purchase.

Whatever your goals regarding your first home, let us make the most of them with you and maximise your financing outcomes. Give us a call today!