Broker Vs Bank

Broker vs bank providing expert home loan advice

Broker Vs Bank

There are many reasons to choose a mortgage broker over a direct relationship with a bank.  Our industry has evolved such that more borrowers choose a broker than a bank’s branch lender to assist with their home lending and financial goals.  With good reason.


A Mortgage Broker is someone that specialises in home loans, has up to date and sophisticated software to model and compare rates between lenders, and the experience and professional qualifications to deliver the right result for your family.

Our industry has evolved over the last 20 years or so where consumers are now really spoilt for choice, and choose an industry professional to navigate the process with them. Subtle differences between loan features, product types and borrowing options can make a vast difference to an outcome for a client. This becomes evident throughout the process, and it all starts with the broker evaluating your finanical position, what you are wishing to achieve and getting you there with a great competivie mix whilst avoiding potential pitfalls along the way.

It is in a broker’s best interests as well as yours to do a fantastic job. A successful broker is one that excels in delivering results and meeting expectations such that you assist them grow their business by referring others to receive the same. Further, there are strict legislative requirements brokers must operate within to ensure you do not end up in an unsuitable loan. Ongoing professional development, education and ethical standards are also a cornerstone of their ongoing operation and regulatory framework. This ensures you are dealing with the right professional to assist with generally the largest of household expenses.

We have through our partnerships access to some of the most sophisticated and industry awarded loan comparison platforms in Australia, a great range of lenders ranging from ‘The Big 4’ right through to credit unions and building societies that deal through broker networks and distribution. We also hold the relationships and experience to know where the market can be ‘negotiated to’ in delivering rates often not advertised through traditional channels. Whatever your requirements, we have you covered with an experienced, friendly and competitive result.

In our own independent brokerage, it is also important to note there is no potential for conflicts of arising from partial or complete ownership by an individual bank – unfortunately some of the larger broking operations have heavy (or complete) ownership by individual banks. The larger operations also tend to maximise their reach via advertising, however of late, this seems to provide the borrower with a ‘lucky dip’ on the quality or experience of who they end up with. We are established and you are dealing with a broker of fifteen years experience. You don’t need to deal with us ‘online’ and we expect to be your point of contact for years to come.

Our business has the scale of partnerships to bring the analysis and choice for our boutique ‘family’ business and deliver the right results. We are focused on your outcomes which in turn provides the growth we seek through word of mouth recommendations. We believe this model facilitates the right outcomes based on the best of ethics, resources and motivations and look forward to delivering upon and exceeding your expectations.

We look forward to working with you.

Michael Schipper from Talk Home Loans is a home loan specialist and mortgage broker based in Brisbane. Contact him about how to maximise your results from your home and investment lending.


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