A Common Question – As a Mortgage Broker, Who Is Your Best Lender?

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A Common Question – As a Mortgage Broker, Who Is Your Best Lender?

One of the most common casual questions I am asked when I am introduced as a mortgage broker is – Who Is The Best Lender In Your Opinion?

There is no ‘best’ bank, building society, credit union, etc in my opinion across the board. The best lender for a particular scenario depends mostly on the individual needs and preferences of the client, so there is no one lender that ticks all boxes for everyone. No particular lender can be best priced on their complete product range, but again some are closer than others in this regard.

Further, a particular lender that looks best for a scenario today may be beaten by several others in only a matter of days on overal costs and rates as the market changes or special time based offers expire. Sure, I do have lenders that are consistently high on a competitive scale, and it is always a part of a conversation I have with my clients when selecting a lending partner. Some lenders also try much harder than others to ensure a smooth process for the borrower both on and after the transaction which is a very important consideration.

I do have a few favourites – but these lenders are also generally well supported in the partnered decision with our clients when all factors are considered. Lenders spend a lot of their advertising dollar on being best at this and that, but often digging a little deeper in the market will find you something better again.

So the correct answer is – let’s talk some time about your individual circumstances and preferences and we’ll find a response to that question together.

Michael Schipper from Talk Home Loans is a home loan specialist and mortgage broker based in Brisbane.   Contact him about how to maximise your results from your home and investment lending.


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